Teardrop Campervan

This is a gel coat and fibreglass layup, composite structure, foam board insert and a fibreglass finish. It is entirely hand crafted and sits on a trailer chassis. The wheels have been moved as far back as they can to ensure the final design is nicely front loaded.

The objective: A beautifully fitted out, self sufficient, totally insulated, sky light illuminated camper van; capable of sleeping two. Much like pickup truck hard tops, once we have produced the pattern footprints for each body panel, we will be capable of selling 6 to 7 of these units a year; with an opportunity for the consumer to customise the outer and inner appearance.

This is a prototype but we will keep you posted on the progress of this exciting project. With access to a CO2 Laser cutter, we will be able to produce body panels with high quality embellishments. The consumer will be able to give their camper a tattoo if they like.

Niceay ;)

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