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We have faith in what we do....

This bonnet belongs to a 1979 Volkswagen Cabriolet. It was just one stage of a restoration on the whole car taking 9 months to complete. The paint is Epilogue Triple Black and was applied in our very own spray booth.

The boot section was a bit more tricky; Car enthusiasts will appreciate how difficult it can be to spray grilled sections or uneven Topography in the bodywork. Close attention is paid to the hinges, moving elements, or male/female parts that slide into one another. Our booth is incredibly well ventilated and vacuumed daily to remove particles of dust and other molecular detritus.

The standard of our paint jobs is incredibly high - some of our customers have been coming to us for over 20 years. We regularly replace damaged body panels on Racing cars (e.g Caterhams racing out of Snetterton) and do complete body panel grafting on unrecognisable shells of Classic Cars; we love converting them back to their former glory!

As we look to expand our business in 2017, the pride in our products is something we hope will form a legacy in the years to come. We welcome anyone that wants to come and see our process.

This is the part prior to being primed, it has been filled and sanded until ultra-smooth. All our paints and fillers are industry standard and non carcinogenic.

Over the years, we have become very efficient at delegating accurate time periods to each body panel, this gives us compartmentalisation within the restoration, making your quote as accurate as possible. There will be no extras on the invoice here.

We have reverse engineered the process for you, the Camel coloured patches are blemishes that have been filled prior to sanding. If the preparation is bang on, the paint work will come up a treat!

If you are interested in using Niceay, don't hesitate to email us for a chat. We often have lengthy dialogue with clients prior to the work starting and will always attempt to assure you with the objectives first. Come and see us!

Telephone: 01953 457977


Don't leave your projects sitting there in the Garage or under a tilt outside, get a quote from an experienced professional!

Niceay ;)

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