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This Lotus is believed to be 1 of about 50 cars converted from an S4 to a Sprint specification at the Lotus factory itself. It has done 68000 miles on the same gearbox and engine; recently undergoing a full suspension and brake rebuild.

The cars that were converted would appear to be from cars parked up at Hethel awaiting dispatch to dealers from around 1970 onward. It is also possible some of the more vocal dealers returned their dormant SE S4s to the factory for conversion.

The Sprint relaunched in February 1971 and Lotus were selling 35 new Big Valve Sprints and 25 reworked S4/Sprints a week, though we suspect this is a record from one particular week unlike most others. More info

The engine was built by Scholar in Suffolk and the gear box made by Graham Boulton.

The car has been returned to its original yellow by us, and the famous Gold band returned to the mid body panels. We will add more photos as the project reaches its conclusion.

We get a lot of enquiry from Lotus owners in Norfolk. If you have a Lotus that is still a shell or needs restoring, get in contact and we will meet you for a coffee. We have been doing this over 20 years and there will probably be a Lotus we are currently restoring, for you to come down and see. We are based in Attleborough.

Telephone: 01953 457977

Email: info@niceay.com


Niceay ;)


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