1960 V8 Austin Healey Sebring MX

Since launching our new website, we have had a lot of enquiries about Austin Healey Sebring's. With that in mind, we thought we would make this weeks blog about just that!

We renovated this taste of the 60's last year in British Racing Green.

"With their low aggressive stance, spectacular performance, and unsurpassed road holding, Sebring's are fun to drive and a pleasure to own." Phil Overall - Sebring International"

Just listen to that grunt....

An MX/SX starter Chassis kit will cost you about £3000.00 from our friends at Sebring International.

Our MX had a damaged front wing that had to be replaced via a pattern grafted GRP body panel.

If you have 30 grand spare, one of these can be yours!

Niceay ;)

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